Where To Find What I Do…

Hello, there. Currently I’m working on adding things to this badboy… but, hey, if you’re happening upon it now, there should be an ample assortment of links enabling you to properly stalk me and such.

In a nutshell: I am a freelance writer, editor, and undead bacon lord. I also really love tacos and serial commas. For examples of my work, please go here.


Where to find me:

Black Goat Games – This is my role-playing game imprint. Black Goat Games is what I hope to be “a wellspring of forlorn hope and grim adventure”. I churn things out there as often as possible.

Facebook – The first stop for most on the Steve Express.

Twitter – I’m on Twitter. Are you on Twitter, too? No, you may not have my tacos.

Tumblr – The Phylactery of Awesome, yo. Figured it had a nice ring for this here Bacon Lich.

Depressalin: Saving Throes from a Charming ThirtyNothing - It was supposed to be me posting my memoirs-type book in progress, but it morphed into more of a blog creature in its own right. Dark, cynical, and vulgar… Depressalin is not for the faint of heart or those lacking a sense of gallows humour. Oh, and I plop in the occasional short story in there.

Nerd Titan – A geek site full of nerdery from all across the nerd spectrum. I not only write for this site, but I’m also the Managing Editor. Go on, go check it out.

My LinkedIn Profile – Get to know me a bit professionally, why don’t you?

The MouthFist Podcast – Where Ryan Speck and I (and maybe even special guests) discuss various things, like movies, games and comics. Not suitable for children or most adults. Maybe angry lemurs, though.

Saunders Talks Disease - Somehow, for some reason, Comics Bulletin asked me to do a column for them. The poor, poor bastards. It’s a rambling type of thing that covers the comics industry, I guess. Or whatever strikes my fancy, really. Yes: Fancy. Update: Well, it’s more like a rare feature than a column now.

Diary of a Grognerd - My nerdy blog of nerdy things. I blab about videogames, roleplaying games, comic books, miniatures and more. Bring a poncho– the nerding is heavy. Update: I rarely post to this anymore. Too many blogs.

The Secret Cross – A Weird War One comic I created with Stephen Lindsay and Dominic Vivona. It’s pretty much dead in the water currently, with me moving on with it… someday. Until then, take a look with the comics that were done.

FTL – An exciting comics anthology hailing from the UK and published by Orang Utan Comics and Markosia. Quick fun fact: I came up with the name “FTL” for FTL and Orang Utan mastermind, Ian Sharman. Anyhow, you can read comics I scribed, such as Secret Cross, Sorgon, and Salvus (with Josh Wagner) in issues #2, #3, and #4.

Orcusville – A webcomic involving gamer/comic nerd demons and gods. It’s pretty much over now… but it’s there for posterity.

MediaGauntlet – A fantastic site ran by my good friend, novelist Ryan Speck. He has some great movies reviews, and sometimes I pop in to contribute something… or just do a little dance.

You can always go ahead and email me the old fashioned way:

synabetic @ gmail . com


Never be afraid to ask me questions. I have nothing to hide. Except maybe bodies, but I might just make a party out of it and ask you to help.

If you are feeling especially generous, please consider dropping me a donation. Writing is hard work with little reward, and if you like what I do, I am able to do more if I’m able to buy more tacos.