Some Examples, Maybe

Here are some links to what I can pull from my sick brain at a moment’s notice. This makes it easier for me to find examples when people ask for them. Now, this can always be completed more, and I’ll always be adding to it. In the meantime, here you go. Oh, and all this stuff is copyright me and all that unless otherwise stated. Got it? Don’t make me come after you with a crowbar or, worse, a bar full of crows.

Recent flash fiction I’ve written…
The Writing

One friend described Today as such: “AAAAHHHH!!!! JEZUS!!!!! I’ve got roadrash and head injuries from my trip down that rabbit hole!! It’s like a journal from a Lovecraft protagonist.” It really cheered me up reading that.

A fellow writer said of Today: “Creepy and compelling. I feel eaten.”


Some articles I have written as of late…
My take on the new Steam Controller.
My review on the Europa Universalis IV video game, which people enjoy
Another recent fave, 7 Terrible Films I Should Be Ashamed to Enjoy
My review of the game Papers, Please
My interview with Dr. Park Cooper about his comic SWIPE
An essay-bit I wrote on having diabetes
15 Reasons to Not Date a Writer

Some bizarroesque fiction I’ve cobbled together…
The Rage of Ognark, Parts I-III

Some comics for you to read…
The Secret Cross: “Humanity in the Execution”
Sorgon, Part I: “Lithan, A Matter of Darkness”

My role-playing game (RPG) materials released through Black Goat Games…
Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Egadingfly
Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Murder Urchin
Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: A is for Arjetkainen
Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: R is for Regimental Revenant

Extra Stuff…
The Uninvited Magazine. I created and wrote the Weird War II comic¬†The Devil Eggs: Except Reality, as well as editing and overseeing the entire issue and part of the second issue. My editing on this magazine was extensive (nearly every aspect was edited by me), even going so far as to re-write part of one story and completely write one over again (Snakes and Skulls) to the point of it essentially being my written creation. This project had its ups and downs, and I learned a lot about editing, project management, and people. If you buy the magazine, enjoy it. I don’t get a single dime from it, but I like what we did. I’m proud of what we did.¬†