Tasks, Rates, and Such

If you’re looking at this, then you are quite possibly interested in hiring me. Good.

Look, while ideas can be amazing things, we often need words to properly express them. And I don’t mean “proper” words, like they’re words sipping tea with pinkies outstretched– I mean the words best suited for the thing, idea, product, or whatever you want to best convey to the teeming masses of awesome humanity.

I can be hired for something really small, like a cover sheet, some quick adcopy for your website, or a quick tweak. That’s low cost, fast turnaround. Don’t worry, this kind of thing can be rather inexpensive, depending on your available budget.

I can also be hired out as an editor for your novel, your comic, your magazine, your website… hell, I’ll even edit your mom if you pay me (though she may have issues with this!). And I’m a skilled copywriter. I mean, look at this copy! It flows well, it’s conversational, and it probably reads nicely.

Rates for books and sites vary. Simple proofreading and once over punctuation, spelling, and grammar checking/correction can be as low as $200 for the average 250-300 page book. Taking your website and sprucing up the copy on it to look sharp and to be exactly how you like it and how your readers, your customers, and–possibly most importantly– your potential customers can be as low as $150.

I hate to say it, but the usual response is “it depends”. I take into consideration your budget, what kind of product you’re slinging, how much work I have to do, how long it will take, etc. But you can assume my rates will range from $20-$40 an hour. Everything is, of course, negotiable. I do need to put food on the table, but I also fully understand you must do the same.

For the time being, my editing rates range from 1-5 cents a word. The final rate hinges on just how much work I have to do. It also– here’s that word again– depends on the project. No, I will not write you succinct snappy copy for a word rate. For that it’s a project rate. Why? Because if I come up with 25 words that sells the living heck out of your product, I’ll be damned if I’m being paid a buck twenty-five for it. I’m sure you understand! The word rate is in regards to my novel and story editing rates.

I am also quite adept at PR copy, press releases, resume cover letters, and other such things. Are you a band or music label looking to flog some new releases? I’m your guy. Do you want your resume’s cover letter to grab the attention and knock the socks off an employer? I’m your guy. Do you want to pitch something to a company and want it to sound 110% amazing and awesome? Me. I’m your guy.

Does any this interest you? Of course it does. Drop me a line: kissthegoat@blackgoatgames.com